What to know when deciding on a real or artificial tree


FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – For Christmas tree shoppers that may not know whether they want an artificial or real tree it is important to know there are pros and cons to both.

Artificial tree’s pros would be it is a one-time purchase most of them are pre-lit. A con would be it’s not really traditional a lot of people like the smell of a fresh-cut tree. A con with a fresh cut tree is they can be messy and if not watered properly the needles will fall off faster,” said Terri Cereus Live Nursery Specialist.

Bert Cregg, an expert in Christmas tree production and forestry at Michigan State University says real Christmas trees do not cause deforestation they are usually grown on farms.

An artificial tree doesn’t pose a threat to the environment as long as it is reused.

“The average cost on your live cut trees is 55 -60 dollars. The average cost on an artificial tree is about 200-250 dollars,” said Cereus.

While Artificial Christmas trees still remain more popular among Americans research by the National Christmas Tree Association found the cost of real Christmas trees is going up and it is because of millennials.

Their researchers found a 20% spike in the purchase of real Christmas trees and a 12% rise in artificial trees in 2018.