Voters Determine Fate of Excess School Levy


RALEIGH COUNTY, W.Va. (WOAY) – Voters are hitting the polls once again to determine whether or not $21 million should be used to help schools.

“It has to be voted on every five years, so they will be voting on whether to continue that,” said chief deputy clerk Ceceilia Chapman.

The levee has been approved every five years since 1941— the longest running excess school levy in the state.

This year, the voter turnout is down.

“We did have an issue with people not knowing where to vote,” said Chapman. “Unfortunately, there was a misprint in a newspaper…which told people to come to the courthouse and that is incorrect. They need to vote at their regular polling place.”

The levy will not raise taxes and has nothing to do with the controversial Omnibus bill in Charleston. Instead, the bill will be used to fund substitute teachers, school activities and new textbooks.

Polls are open until 7:30 tonight. Chapman encourages voters to get in line before it’s too late.

“Regardless of whether we are doing a presidential election or a school levy, every election is important and people should exercise their right to vote.”