Town Of Oak Hill Elects Mayor, City Council and Council At Large


OAK HILL, WV (WOAY)- Election results are in for the city of Oak Hill.

The town has elected Daniel E. Wright as mayor.

Tom Oxley has been elected as City Council At-Large.


For City Council in Ward 1, the results are as followed:

Diana Janney, 251 votes

Missy Kidd Wilshire, 209 votes

Michelle Holly , 200 votes

Don Williams, 170 votes

Christa Hodges, 133 votes

Wes McDonald, 100 votes

Curtis G. Taylor, 88 votes


For City Council in Ward 2, the results are as followed:

Charles Smallwood, 146 votes

Steve Hayslette, 91 votes

Paul Baker, 87 votes

Jeffery D. Atha, 74 votes

Danielle Dearing- Harris, 66 votes

Tim Buskus, 55 votes

Vicky Pizzino, 36 votes

Colby Lopez, 16 votes

Erin Ellis-Reid, 10 votes

Yazmin Rodriguez

Yazmin Rodriguez is currently the morning and noon anchor for WOAY. She was born in Newark, New Jersey then later headed down to the Jersey shore where she received her bachelor's degree in television and radio from Monmouth University.