One Tank Trip


There is a new restaurant in downtown Beckley with excellent food, a lot of fun, and an overall great atmosphere.
“Pub-Licity is a place where people can come and enjoy good food, good beverages, and play video games,” said owner David Kirkpatrick.
Pub-Licity will take you back to a much simpler time of your life.
“Everybody remembers going over to their friend’s house and playing video games and snacking on food and basically spending a day there. This is a place where you can kind of reach back to those childhood times and do that as an adult,” said David.
If video games are not your thing then come out and enjoy the latest sporting event.
“When the video games aren’t playing we have sports and other entertainment down here as well so there is a little bit for everybody,” said Mr. Kirkpatrick.
And of course, bring your appetite!
David stated “The thing that seems to be selling the most is the Philly Cheesesteak. We sell a lot of those and people kind of rave about those but my favorite thing is the steak and shrimp with a baked potato and salad.”
The best part of all this gaming fun and great food is you can get there in less than one tank of gas.


Jonathan Chance grew up in Birmingham, AL where he experienced many different types of weather. The storm that is remembered more than any other is the 2011 Super Outbreak. The tornadoes passed within 20 miles of his home and affected the lives of many people around him.

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