Activists Work to Make Medicare for All a Reality


FAYETTEVILLE, W.Va. (WOAY) – To kick off National Medicare for All Week of Action, Fayette Fair Share hosted a “barnstorm” to discuss how to make Medicare for All a reality.

“Seventy percent of Americans approve of Medicare for all and wants Medicare for all,” said activist Selina Vickers. “What’s stopping it is the medical industry and the pharmaceutical industry. When people lead, the leaders follow. We are going to lead.”

Some participants shared their own stories about the healthcare horrors they have faced. Most believe that their problems would have been less severe had they had access to Medicare.

“Probably one in five older adults end up having to declare bankruptcy because they’re not able to pay their medical bills,” said Julia Cellers, a former physicians assistant. “…the way that money and medicine is… is not beneficial for the common person.”

Cellers said she believes that universal health care can especially benefit people in southern West Virginia.

“In our area, there is a great amount of people who are already on either Medicare or Medicaid for their benefits and if [we had Medicare for all] then the cost could be contained–controlled.”