Raleigh County BOE Will Lose Millions


BECKLEY– The Raleigh County Board of Education will lose an estimated $2 million in county property taxes this year.
According to the Beckley Register Herald, this is mainly due to a new state tax department rule that lowers the rate of assessed property value on idle mining equipment to a “salvage value” of 30 percent.

Raleigh Schools Treasurer Darrin Butcher said the cuts are “significant” and will take a toll on the board budget.

BOE officials had projected last year a budget of $41.5 million for 2016 from regular and excess levy collections. this year, the office is projecting a collection of $37.6 million – a cut of about $3.9 million.

Medicaid revenues to schools has also been reduced and a reduction in state aid to public schools is expected.

Board officials predict that collections for the excess levy will not meet the levy call by about $1.6 million, which means the BOE will have to fund the deficit.

The trend is expected to continue into fiscal year 2018.



Rachel Ayers

Rachel Ayers started as a multi-media journalist at WOAY in October of 2015. She then moved to evening anchor in September of 2016. Read More

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