Frank Notarbartolo


From as early as seven years of age, Frank has had a passion for weather. He has always wondered why things happen the way they do in our atmosphere.
Determined to find answers, Frank decided, around the time of middle school, that he would pursue his passion all the way and installed an elaborate weather station on the family home in order to track and predict weather.

As a high school junior, Frank job-shadowed the National Weather Service (NOAA) in Upton, NY with Gary Conte. He followed that by guest-attending a senior broadcast class at Western Connecticut State University where soon-to-graduate students were having their broadcast videos critiqued.

Frank enrolled at Western Connecticut State University as a meteorology major and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology in 2016. He worked as a data collector and forecaster in the Western Connecticut State University weather center during all his college years. Frank is now pursuing his dreams as a broadcast meteorologist. He is now the weekend meteorologist/weekday reporter for WOAY-TV an ABC affiliate in Oak Hill, WV.

Frank is an avid amateur photographer, enjoys music, playing drums and percussion, bicycling, auto detailing, loves to hike and explore and take long drives.